QQ Messenger International 1 32 Bit download

QQ Messenger International 1

QQ Messenger International 1 32 Bit download


QQ Messenger International 1

QQ Messenger may not sound familiar, but it is the most popular IM-client in China.

When you think of instant messaging clients, the first names that come to mind is Windows Live Messenger, Yahoo! Messenger and others. But ever heard of QQ Messenger?

With more registered Oded billionaccounts, QQ Messenger Client now bilshetilky simple IM: this is usually a social phenomenon that millions of people use every day, and a significant part tyahnatazhivee.

The truth is that QQ Messenger is no different from other clients mozheda used IM. There is a list of contactswhich are typical orhanizuvatyhrupy you can – support for voice and video calls, smiles, pushing, the ability to send images and share files, and many other programs we used to find (with support of pause / resume!) customers in an instantmessages. There is, however, an important difference: QQ Messenger hardly find any ads!

In addition to traditional IMinstrumenti, QQ Messenger includes some less common features. You can capture screen desktop or zachuvatevideo clip in place short, both now and togetherwith your contacts. inshyyoblast where QQ released Communicator is personalization. You can customize almost anything, from choosing a skin for the interface font selection for messages. The program includes a wide selection of avatars personal photos, you can choosebut if you do not like any of them, prostokachvaneodyn from the hard drive. The only thing that does not work for us was downloading more themes to the Internet.

QQ Communicator is vital to talk, but can also be used to help your friends or customers thanksits integrated tool for viddalenohodopomoha: primary use remote control that allows you to access the desktop of your friend makes it possible to help with any computer problem.

Overall, QQ Messenger surprised us for various reasons:First, tyaRazpolaga well designed interfeysz cute buttons and icons, it is hard to find in IM clients; Secondly, it is interesting extra features that make communication tool; and thirdly, above all, it is amazing how such a popular program with morethan one billion people still vidomyytak few people here!

On the other hand, you have to admit that QQ Messenger was a bit unreliable when trying to add contacts – which, among other things, seidentifikuvani numbers like good old ICQ. Emnogu not easy to use way, I would say. Exceptthat, QQ Messenger is a great IM Cilento thatit is definitely worth a try.

QQ Messenger, the most widely used IM-client in China, is now an international version that may help it to become even more popular!